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Nothing captures me like the quiet words of my wife, Chris, and the epiphanies of my three pixie daughters, Lyric, Brielle and Zion. I feel like a farmer most days, plying the writing trade in the fields of imagination.

When I'm not working on my studies or my own writing projects I enjoy collaborating with other authors and organizations on their projects. To browse some of my clients, just click through the thumbnails below. 

The Bio That Got Away, In Third Person

Tim is a poet, although most would say he’s just melodramatic. He doesn’t get why most writers fear language and he hates “ly” words. Tim began his writing career trying to mimic Shakespeare’s love sonnets in the eighth grade. He failed, but got the girl. Tim was shy until the fourth grade when he got the lead in the school musical. He’s not shy anymore but understands the benefits of being coy. For six years Tim had braces. As embarrassing as it was “braceface” was a fine replacement for “bucktoothfrog”.

For nearly seven years Tim did the "music thing." That thing where you quit your job, buy a van and tour the country. During that time he read Orthodoxy by Chesterton for the first time, did a 12 day stint in southern Ireland and recorded several independent CDs. MP3s did not exist at that time in mass distribution form. Music led him to his love, Christine. In mythological form their paths crossed while Tim was playing a small cafe show on her college campus. They talked about original sin till 3 a.m. and, a year and one day later they married.

Tim’s writing career spans many genres. His favorites are creative non-fiction and fantasy fiction, but those do not pay the mortgage (yet). His creative work for Catalyst Leadership Review, Fivestone and helping other authors write books does pay the mortgage while his studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary depleted all remaining funds. An MA in Christian Thought sounds good, but the reading was insane. Lucky for Tim, he loves books, reading and he’s an insomniac.

On any given day Tim can be caught listening to Bach’s Suite For Solo Cello No. 6 in D Major. He does not watch much TV—just Friday Night Lights when it aired. In melodramatic fashion he has watched A Good Year more times than he remembers. And, like any real man, requires new friends to watch A River Run Through It. Tim has banished romantic comedies from the house but has no problem watching the Ocean’s movies while his wife swoons over Brad Pitt (she doesn't really swoon).

If there’s a substitute for bold French Pressed coffee Tim has not found it. When hopped up on caffeine Tim likes to escape on his mountain bike named Wiley (a burly INTENSE Tracer).

Living somewhere north of Atlanta Tim does his best to stay outdoors—though the knaves have paved most of it. If they had their druthers, Tim, his wife Chris, and their daughters Lyric and Brielle would live in Utah near Bryce Canyon and grow wildflowers. Like I said, he is a poet—read melodramatic.


In a world where literature often feels more like stale regurgitations than fresh reflections on life, writers like Tim Willard are both rare and refreshing. His insights are provocative, ever-challenging, and always buffeted by the holy scripture. Whether he is confronting the cultural ebbs of a celebrity obsessed culture or imagining a world where true beauty reigns, Tim never leaves readers wanting. If you're searching for a dynamic speaker for your event or simply scouting out a good read, consider Tim Willard. He is a trustworthy tour guide for life's most difficult conversations.
-Jonathan Merritt, Author of A Faith of Our Own and the critically-acclaimed Green Like God

One of my favorite authors is Frederick Buechner. Tim writes in a style that is thoughtful, human, intensely personal and sublime, like Buechner. I have had the privilege to be in a discipleship group with Tim for nearly four years and have found that his life matches his words.
-Jon Adams, Lead Pastor, The Vine Community Church, Cumming, Georgia

As I read Tim’s writings, I find myself engaged in deep reflection. Tim connects readers to their own heart—it’s as if my own inner thoughts and emotions are revealed through lines and pages that express both the pain of brokenness and the joy and hope of restoration. As an academic, I continually wrestle with questions of reality, knowledge, and truth. Tim’s writing cut through the tension of identities shaped by an ever-shifting cultural truth by painting a vivid picture of God’s reality for us—our true value and source of life, love, community, and fulfillment. Our identity in a world but not of it. Tim convicts us without condescension, he challenges without condemning. And he invites you and I to enter into a conversation with God and with our friends about what is real, who we are, and what and who our lives are for.

-Kerry Priest, Instructor of Leadership & Social Change, Virginia Tech

More than just capacity for hard work, honed writing skills and techniques, Tim poured his very self into our projects. Moving in his calling, believing in the purpose before committing, and making it not simply possible but valuable. And through the process, good times. 
-Andrew Palau, International Evangelist and Author of The Secret Life of a Fool

Tim Willard. Part outdoorsmen. Part theologian. A walking enigma? Try again. How about a man passionate for his family and for his faith. And a thinker who converts his beliefs into action. I highly respect Tim for his courage to address the issues affecting us all and for his contributions that create a better alternative.

-Kary Oberbrunner. Igniter. Author. Coach. Trainer. Speaker.

Tim is incredibly gifted at taking an idea and making it come to life in a compelling way through his writing. He’s professional and easy to work with.
-David Hoyt, Vice President, The John Maxwell Company

If you are a church or an individual struggling with how to relate spirituality with the angst of living in suburbia, then I can recommend that VENEER will take you on a life changing journey. We just took it a step further and spoke to the authors themselves. Good times!
-Rev. Alister Bull, co-ordinator of West Mearns Church (Glasgow, Scotland)

Tim has an incredible capacity and ability to communicate through the written and spoken word. I have worked alongside him on numerous projects and have always been delightfully pleased. Without reservation, I can say that his passion and intelligence for writing to influence leaders is among the best around.
-Jason Young, Architect of Surprise and Delight Experiences

Tim is the real deal. He's the kind of guy that I'd love to sit around with for hours and just hear his heart for seeing a more authentic Christianity. Mostly because you can tell when you talk to him that it's not just something he says, it's something that God has burdened him with deep inside his heart. It's refreshing to see God stirring guys like Tim, and to see how he uses his gifts to bring that much-needed stirring to the rest of us.

-Dan King, Blogger at and Author of The Unlikely Missionary: From Pew-Warmer to Poverty-Fighter