Punk Rock Jesus In A Pop Song World

Upon finding myself alone, high in the hill country of the Lake District surrounded by sheep, I listened.

And what did I hear? Silence.

The kind of silence that reminds you how loud and obnoxious your life sounds.

The kind of silence that shakes you with terrible wonder.

The kind of silence you thought you knew and chased for so long, but you suddenly realize you’ve stopped hunting for it.

“Yes, you are always everywhere. But I, hunting in such immeasurable forests”[i] could never capture the fox—the great prize of the hunt. And for a time the hunt ended. The adventure turned into the mundane. No longer a little boy chasing the Florida sun, the man and husband and father in me fell into the coffin of the grown-up world.

What do we chase in this world, now, as adults?

Tim's authored four books, including the children's book Shine So Bright and the critically acclaimed Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society. He studied beauty in the works of C.S. Lewis for his PhD under Alister McGrath. When he's not scratching poetry, or chasing the scholar's craft, you can find him carving up the trails of the nearest national forest on his Salsa El Mariachi 29er.

He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and three pixie-daughters, and two acres of Great Horned Owls.