Christians Should Consider a Political Posture of Silence

Silence is not just the absence of sound. It can be a posture of stillness, a place of restraint, even a preciousness of attitude—a quietness that should mark the Christian life, which obviously includes public discourse.

In today's politically charged public square Christians should reconsider the cultural norms, which encourage brash discourse and vitriolic rhetoric, and take up the mantle of uncommon silence.


I discuss this topic more in depth in my book Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society

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Tim's authored four books, including the children's book Shine So Bright and the critically acclaimed Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society. He studied beauty in the works of C.S. Lewis for his PhD under Alister McGrath. When he's not scratching poetry, or chasing the scholar's craft, you can find him carving up the trails of the nearest national forest on his Salsa El Mariachi 29er.

He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and three pixie-daughters, and two acres of Great Horned Owls.