A Sunday Reflection: To Know More

Today, in my prayers, I am asking God for more of him. When I say more of him, I mean that I am asking to know him better, more intimately. 

What is it that keeps us from knowing him better, more intimately? 

When I look at each day leading up to this one I see a series of decisions: how I conduct my work, how I speak to my wife and children, how I spend my leisure time. I also hear a rhythm of life. This rhythm ebbs and flows depending on the decisions I make. 

Those decisions, this rhythm, they mold my heart into this moment right now. In this moment, as I sit in my sun drenched room, my heart reflects my week, reflects my decisions, resonates with the rhythm. 

The Apostle Paul reminds me to be wary of a darkening heart (Eph. 4:17-19) If I live with a hardened heart, then I am in danger of losing the sensitivity that comes through my knowledge of God. With this sensitivity gone, sensuality moves in, with subtlety. 

How do I safeguard this? Through intentionally seeking truth in my decisions--decisions that place divine goodness above all. I am to live in the renewal of my mind (Eph. 4:23; Rom. 12:1-2), and this renewal comes from groping for God. And how do I grope? 

I worship. 

"Hear me as I grope in this darkness and stretch out to me thy right hand. Cause thy light to shine upon me. Recall me from error. Led by thee may I return to myself and to thee." (Augustine, Earlier Writings). 

Move with me, brothers and sisters, into a place of knowing, a place of worship, a place of truth, a place of holy sensitivity to Christ in our everyday. 

Grace and peace to you, brothers and sisters, on this Little Easter. 


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