A Reminder
My name is LoLo Star. I’m crying because the High Stars said I’m too small and dim. I’m a no-good-star. Even though I dance and shine with all my might no one notices me. The other stars sneer and laugh.
— Shine So Bright

A meditation on: 

"... for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." (Psalm 139:14)

I Am Possession

Do you know me? I am called, Human. I was made from the dirt, but shaped by Heaven. My breath; a gift from Far Heaven, where the deep blue of eternity vaults into the more and more. 

Do you know me? I stand here, my own; aware, intuitive, symmetrical. But I am not my own. I am the vision, the complexity, and variety of the Artist. A God icon. A God possession. 

I Am Beautiful

Do you know me? I am called, Beautiful. I teem with life. The quivers within me remind me of the fullness pushing in from the beauty without.  We the fingerprint of the same hand both crying, groaning, for reunion. The life, the joy; I am abundance! 

Do you know me? I am the complex one. I need. I crave. I delight. I praise. I sing. I wail. I seethe. I tremble. 

I rebel, and break. But the Artist, my possessor, mends me. His hands push me together. It hurts. It heals. I am constantly remade. Do you know me? 

You Are Too

I know you. Yes, of course. I recognize my kin. I see your reverent form. I sense the wonder pushing out from your eyes. Your skin radiates with all the color of stars. You heart, beats; in your chest, and in your words, and in your expression, and in your song, and in your dance. 

I looked for you yesterday. In the UPS truck, in the cafe line, in the news, behind me, behind the counter, behind enemy lines. I heard of your sadness. You broke too. I wanted to remind you of our reminder. The joy. Remember? Remember, the delight? We teem with it! That echo from the tree, the sunset, the song, the painting, the kind word, the humble gesture, the good? 

You and I, we are possession. We are beautiful. You and I, together. 

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Timothy Willard loves to sit with his wife by the bonfire and make up stories about Tom the Backyard-Badger for his three lovely daughters. When he's not carving up the Appalachian Mountains on his Salsa El Mariachi, you can find him busy writing a book, collaborating on a book, or reading a book written by someone dead and gone. Timothy studied beauty in the works of C.S. Lewis under theologian Alister McGrath. The author of five books, including Veneer: Living Deeply in a Surface Society (Zondervan), Timothy is currently finishing The Life-Changing Adventure of Chasing Beauty (Eerdmans, 2019), preparing his doctoral thesis for publication, and trying to find a publisher for his first novel The Tempest and the Bloom. He lives somewhere in the south Charlotte woods.