Waiting For Prepositions


Beside the hawthorn hedge,

Beneath the big belly oak,

The luck-draw Robin stands;

In the puddle,

Along the stream,

The winter thrushsong sounds. 



Beside the stream,

Amid the slush,

I stand.

The luck-draw Robin,

Against the moment,

Strong-flits, dodging the Oxford snow. 



Says the Teacher, 

Walk-dance in time, 

Rivulet the luster,

Over and above

The squawksong 

Mid the rush-tenor of time. 


One, two, three, stop. 

Thrushchat the lyric of now. 


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Tim's authored four books, including Longing For More: Daily Reflections on Finding God in the Rhythms of Life. He and his wife, Christine, co-founded The Edges and live in Charlotte, North Carolina with their three pixie-daughters. Sign-up here to follow their work.