Timothy Willard
Timothy Willard
Exploring the Contours of Theology, the Writing Life, and Mountain Trails

In 1995 I stepped out of university life and spent the next seven years pursuing music.

The Dancing Boy Collection

A self-published collection of my early poems. 

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We began a rock band, ended up an acoustic trio (vocals, guitar, cello). Originally there was five of us: Ethan, Josh, Terry, Jon (my brother), and me. We then added a percussionist, our friend Chuck. As a band our sound was what most considered "modern rock" or "post grunge" (whatever that means!). We recorded a few demos and then one full-length album titled Further

As a band we played several of the larger Christian festivals such as Creation Festival, Purple Door Festival, and the one time Sand Box Festival. Like many bands, real life began to take over. We began to get married, and have kids. When that happened Ethan and I took a few of the acoustic songs we wrote together in college and recorded them. The album is called Finding Winter.

It was during the recording of this little record that Aubrey came into our lives. Aubrey was finishing high school and played violin and cello. We invited her to play a show with us as the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After that, she recorded with us. After that, she agreed to tour with us. After that she married Ethan! 

We went on to recorded several more CDs (what are those?) with a new member, drummer-extraordinaire Tim Neely, toured the U.S. for nearly three years and enjoyed a 12-day stint in southern Ireland.   

During our music adventure I self-published some of my earliest poems and titled the volume, The Dancing Boy Collection. I assembled the entire book myself, with the help of my loved ones.

After I had written and compiled the poems I printed them with a small Mennonite press in northern Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

My family helped me assemble the signatures, by hand, into books, which we then delivered to Lancaster Bindery. A few days later I was holding my first book of poems. 

I've uploaded a couple of my favorite songs from that time. Originally we were trying to use this melody for a new version of the Christmas song "Away In A Manger." But as we prepared for the annual Christmas show at The Mill in Lititz, Pennsylvania we put some new lyrics I had written to the melody. The song came together quickly. Hope you enjoy it.

I've also included here a rearranged version of the Christmas song "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." 

A Few of My Favorite MP3s For Your Download Pleasure


We wrote this intimate worship song hours before a Christmas gig at The Mill Coffee House in LItitz, PA.

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Hark The Herald Angels Sing

Our reworked "indie" version of the Christmas classic "Hark The Herald Angels Sing" 

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