Jason LocypoetryComment


Jason LocypoetryComment

Dip your toes into the water with me

I am not afraid to be close. For,

Like the river I move, around and

In between and under you.

I touch you with cold,

A silent otherworld, see-through and shimmering.

Wade into me and I will baptize you

Around your waist, under your arms

Father—in the name of—Son—in the name of—Spirit.

Rise and breach my surface-glass,

My stratosphere resurrection. Now,

Unwrap the linen—in the name of

Zoe and glory,

The raucous dance, undignified and pure.

Splash around in me, a child again

Sing happy, sing stars and rain

Driblets dancing in ripples; one, now two and three.

In the pale we sit, dimming with the day

Dipping our toes, splashing, laughing

And I am not afraid,

In the name of, in the name of.