Hello Friends, 

Today I’d like to invite you to step into, well, a wardrobe of goodness. Many of you receive The Prayer Series each Friday(ish), and for that I thank you and pray that it continues to encourage you.

Today, I’m adding a new series: The Pipe Series. 

The Pipe Series will deal with all things C.S. Lewis. So many of us love his writings, are intrigued by his theology and admire is honest original mind.

The Pipe Series will be bi-monthly, and will post on Wednesdays. It’ll contain random facts, interesting quotes and maybe even a bit of commentary or myth busting. 

So get out your pipes and sign up for The Pipe Series today! Look for the first one next Wednesday. 


*A special thanks to my friend Jordan for naming this fun series! 

— The Pipe Series http://bit.ly/WH0rLD

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Tim lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with Christine and their three pixie-daughters. Sign-up here to follow their work.