We Of The Shining Platforms, The Great Barking Monologuers

Silence is not just the absence of sound, it can be a posture of stillness, a place of restraint, even a preciousness of attitude—a quietness that should mark the Christian life, which obviously includes public discourse.

Today, in light of the recent announcement made by World Vision and the ranging responses from the Christian community. I’d like to continue our look at silence but with a cultural twist. I’ve read myriad responses to the announcement, but I’d like to caution the Christian community not to use this very nuanced and complex situation as a barking-box for one-sided and derogatory rhetoric toward fellow Christians.

Tim's authored four books, including Shine So Brighta children's Christmas story, and is finishing his first novel. He and his wife, Christine, co-founded The Edges and are writing a book they hope will inspire married couples to stick together no matter what. 

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