Timothy Willard
Timothy Willard
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And that sweet city with her dreaming spires, She needs not June for beauty’s heightening.
— Matthew Arnold

If you're headed to the UK, here's why you should make Oxford one of your primary stops.

Photography courtesy of me and my iPhone 5s, edited in Snapseed.



English food is just how people say it is: bland and tasteless. But the pubs are fantastic and really shame U.S. pubs. Here are my recommendations for eating and merrymaking. 


You could spend days exploring Oxford. But if you only have a one, or maybe two, here's what I'd do and where I'd go. And remember, you can always email me to hire me as a guide. I'm kidding {sort of}.



We lived in a house for two years in Oxford, but if I were to return here are the top five places I'd consider for my lodging needs. And no, no hostels made my list. Sorry folks, but I have three children.