Timothy Willard
Timothy Willard
Exploring the Contours of Theology, the Writing Life, and Mountain Trails

Writing Services

With over 15 years in the publishing industry, I've worked with a wide range of clients, from former NFL MVP's to Grammy Award winning artists, to business and church leaders. I'd love to help you on your project. 

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I offer full collaboration services (formerly known as ghostwriting). I've written and collaborated on more than 25 books. 

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Does your manuscript need a macro or content edit? Do you have a book proposal you'd like to get feedback on? Get the guidance your project deserves. 

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I will come to you for on-site creative consulting, book mapping, content and idea generation, or help with your book architecture. 


People often ask me where I'm from. I find it's easier to tell them where I live. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Previously, Oxford, England. Previously, Atlanta, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia. So, I've been around.

England catches people's attention. "Why England?" they ask. There, I took a break from the publishing world and studied beauty in the works of C.S. Lewis and received my PhD from King's College London under the supervision of Alister McGrath, the Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion, University of Oxford.

People used to tell me the world of academics was so stodgy. But the PhD, for me, was one of the most illuminating and imaginative writing experiences ever. It ranks right up there with completing my first novel. 

As a professional writer I offer a full range of collaboration, editing, and creative consulting services. I've worked with HarperCollins Zondervan, HarperCollins Thomas Nelson, Worthy Publishers, Baker Publishing, FaithWords of Hachette Publishers, Waterbrook/Multnomah, Eerdmans, and others. Some of my clients have included Chick-fil-A, Q Ideas, Hobby Lobby, Catalyst, and WinShape Foundation. 

My diverse experience and educational background provides me with a unique lens on most topics ranging from spiritual living to business and leadership books to corporate messaging. 

I love helping clients think through their idea, structure it, and get it down on paper, well, a computer screen. But you get the idea. 

As an author, I publish books on topics of theology, faith and culture, leadership, and spiritual formation. I lecture, give "talks," preach, sing, and make up stories about Tom the backyard badger for my three young daughters.

I've published four books, the most recent a children's book Shine So Bright. It's a Christmas story. I'm currently finishing a book titled The Life-giving Adventure of Chasing Beauty (Eerdmans), and just finished my first novel titled The Tempest and the Bloom. If you're a fiction publisher, I'd be happy to forward it to you. 

As an academic, well, I'm still blooming in this area. I'm preparing my thesis for publication, and enjoy research areas such as theological aesthetics, philosophical theology, and love discussing the value of beauty in a world that seems not to care for it anymore.

I know what you're thinking, "Oh, you're an academic." Well not to worry. I don't bog down conversations with jargon, and I usually only talk aesthetics to the Great Horned Owls that live in the trees behind my house. 

I am the co-founder, along with my wife, of The Edges

Thanks for reading this, but I suggest, if you're interested, that we meet up or hop on a phone call. After all, a bio can only give you a birds-eye-view of things. I'd love to chat with you over a cup of tea and discuss your next project. 

One last thing. Last year I was shocked when a short blog post of mine went viral (3 million views). It's about marriage and is really rather simple. But it struck a chord with readers. I invite you to read it, especially if you're looking for some relational inspiration today. {CLICK HERE TO READ IT}

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