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I coauthored the newly released Home Behind The Sun and the critically acclaimed Veneer. I am a PhD candidate at King’s College London and live in Oxford, England. I also serve as Spiritual Director for the Praxis Nonprofit Accelerator. 

When I'm not scratching poetry, chasing the scholar’s craft, or carving trails on my mountain bike, I enjoy making up faerie stories about the English countryside for my wife and three pixie daughters.

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New for 2014

"I'm convicted by the precise reflections and tempered provocations my dear friends, Jason Locy and Timothy Willard, deliver in Home Behind the Sun. Put this book on your coffee table and read one chapter each weekend. You will see what I mean. A brilliant expose of what really matters in life, just when it seemed we were about to forget."

--Gabe Lyons, Q founder and author, The Next Christians

"When I put down this book, I felt seen, heard, and not crazy. That's about the highest compliment I can give. Veneer asked me to look at the truth about myself--consumerism, celebrity-gawking, the temptation to give people a curated and manufactured Facebook-profile version of myself. And then it reminded me of a better way: deep relationships, intimacy, face-to-face connections, honesty even when it's ugly. It reminded me of how I want to live."
—Shauna Niequist, author of Bittersweet